Our history

The center for socio-cultural programs «People IN» was created to provide services for implementation of socio-cultural projects, realization of programs, projects and activities for the inclusion of people with disabilities in cultural life (inclusion), support for inclusive creativity (individual and collective) and creative teams, fulfilment of activities of inclusive club formations and associations, training of specialists working with people with disabilities, organization of meaningful leisure, assistance in socialization, employment of people with disabilities.

Areas of activity

The center for socio-cultural programs «People IN» operates in the following areas:

  1. implementation of projects and programs aimed at developing the Organization’s statutory goals;
  2. promotion of cooperation in the realization of socio-cultural projects, including international cooperation;
  3. promotion of joint efforts of active members of civil society for the development of the Organization’s statutory goals;
  4. creation and implementation of programs, projects, methods and activities aimed at integrating and adapting people with disabilities into the existing cultural space;
  5. preparation and publication of informational and repertoire-methodical materials, creation and implementation of socio-cultural projects and programs;
  6. creation, development and implementation of projects and programs to develop communication skills with people with disabilities for participants of different age and professional categories;
  7. organization and conduct of scientific and educational programs and events, including the organization of popular science single-time lectures, seminars, trainings, consultations, courses, master classes, internships, training practices and other educational activities and types of training that are not accompanied by final certification and issuance of documents on education and qualifications;
  8. organization of social adaptation and cultural services for various groups of the population: people with disabilities, senior citizens, children of different ages, families with many children and young families;
  9. preparation for certain types of activities and assistance for employment of persons with disabilities;
  10. conduction of monitoring studies on the involvement of people with disabilities in cultural life;
  11. creation of programs, projects and events in order to receive grants, awards, voluntary donations, fundraising or other charitable activities for the Organization;
  12. creation of software products and services for providing information using local and global information networks;
  13. organization, preparation and holding of cultural, leisure, sports, fitness, health, recreational, entertainment, educational and creative events, and socially significant activities on the profile of the organization, including development of scripts, programs of these activities and organization of leisure;
  14. organization and holding of events of various forms and topics: cultural, informational, educational, consulting, socially significant, including exhibitions of works by professional and amateur authors;
  15. creation and organization of creative teams, studios, clubs, courses of applied knowledge and skills, lectures, creative laboratories, and other cultural and leisure groups of various directions;
  16. organization of tours and showings of creative groups, presentations, exhibitions, programs that include mass events, including ones with the participation of professional bands, performers and authors; including ones for showing on television, for broadcasting on radio, for filming on video and other material carriers under contracts with other legal entities and individuals; organisation of sale of tickets and subscriptions to these events to individuals and legal entities;
  17. use of the results of intellectual activity and equated means of individualization in the manner and under the conditions provided by the legislation on copyright and related rights;
  18. implementation of audio recordings, photo, film, video recordings, replication, demonstration, rental and sale of audio, photo, film, video products; creation of TV and radio programs;
  19. providing services for the production of video films, electronic catalogs, e-books, galleries, slide shows, Internet sites;
  20. preparation and holding of press conferences, advertising campaigns, surveys and other events aimed at studying the socio-cultural space and inclusion, including the design, development and production of information products;
  21. production and sale of fine art, printed and other types of products; design activities, including projecting, development, production of original layouts, posters, booklets, performance programs, invitation cards, brochures, calendars, badges and other advertising and souvenir products;
  22. sales of consumer goods, organization of stores selling souvenir products, books, artistic creativity items and products, related to exhibition activities and exhibition equipment; organization of fairs and sales exhibitions;
  23. activities on the artistic design of cultural and leisure, social and other events.