We are the Volunteer Center «People IN» — a partnership of the Autonomous non-profit organization the center for social-cultural Programs «People IN» and the Integratsia state museum and cultural center named after N. A. Ostrovsky.

Our center was created to support projects, programs and activities for the socio-cultural integration of people with disabilities implemented by institutions and public organizations in the field of culture.

In the process of working with special visitors, the help of volunteers is often needed. But museum staff do not know where to look for them, how to invite them, integrate them into their events.

The volunteer center «People IN» is ready to advise, help in solving related issues, organize volunteer support of events.

Cultural volunteers, cultural workers and visitors with disabilities are able to create an inclusive environment together, communicating in the same language and in the same community.

We invite all concerned people who want to help people with disabilities and make a feasible contribution to improving inclusive culture!

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