As part of the implementation of the Presidential Grant for the Development of Civil Society, from June 19 to 21, 2023, the inclusive team of the «People IN» project will hold the final cycle of seminars at the Lipetsk City Youth Center, where they will tell participants how to build comfortable communication and overcome organizational barriers when communicating with people with disabilities.

In 2023 Lipetsk will host the Third International Inclusive Creative Games. The trainers of the «People IN» project will give new knowledge to specialists from social institutions, organizers and volunteers involved in the implementation of the event. The skills acquired at the seminars will allow them to make the events of the games accessible and hold them at a high level. During the classes, the «People IN» project team will explain in simple and understandable language how to interact with people with disabilities correctly and effectively create and conduct inclusive events.

The seminars are interactive, so the participants will not have to take dictation — they will become the actors themselves. The program consists of equivalent parts:

  • the module of darkness — the formation of a culture of communication with people with visual disabilities;

  • silence module — formation of a culture of communication with people with hearing disabilities;

  • the action module is the formation of a culture of communication with people with disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

The necessary support and situational assistance at the site will be provided by «Cultural Volunteers» — representatives of the Council of Leaders of the Lipetsk region.

After passing the seminars, participants will increase the level of empathy, develop inclusive competencies and will be able to provide a comfortable environment for all residents of the region, regardless of how different they are.

The project is being implemented with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund in partnership with the administrations of the Lipetsk region and the city of Lipetsk and the Union of All-Russian and Leading Organizations of Disabled People «AbiArt».