Speaking the same language

We have important news! We launched a recruitment program for the development of communication skills with deaf and hard of hearing people in cultural institutions.

Why is this necessary?

The ability to understand the language of non-hearing people will help you in estab-lishing contact with visitors of your institution and participants of the events. This is a truly unique professional skill, which is now very relevant and necessary.

What will you get?

The program includes 3 modules:

  • module 1 and 2 consist ofremote learning of communication skills (2 times a week);

  • module 3 consists of implementation of practical interaction skills with elements of acting. The module is held in full-time format (Moscow and St. Petersburg).

The main topics of the program:

system of gestures, dactylology, types of institutions and professions in the field of culture, art and creativity, security issues in institutions, events, frequently used ges-tures and many other topics.

Each participant is given a certificate upon completion of the program.

Do you want to master a professional skill?

Please follow the link: Timepad