The first stream of the project «Culture of Russian sign language» has been completed

In November 2023, the Center of Socio-Cultural Programs «People IN» became the winner of the grant competition for NGOs in the social sphere «Moscow is a good city».

The city supported our project to help develop skills of expressive Russian sign language in children with hearing impairment through interaction with each other. This, in turn, contributes to greater socialization and adaptation of participants in the world of speaking and hearing people. The course is designed for children under the age of 18 with hearing impairment in families of hearing and inaudible parents living or studying in Moscow.

On April 20, we summed up the results and released the first stream of the project «Culture of Russian sign language».

During the project, participants learned the history of Slavic writing, studied the basics of the Russian language, grammar and communication styles, understood the differences in the structure of Russian and Russian sign languages, trained the clarity of dactylation, learned to translate texts into sign language.

Children acquired communication skills in Russian sign language, communication with each other, improved the skills of translating texts into sign language. The result of the meetings was a theatrical performance from the participants.

The participants are told us:

«In general, I really like such classes. My son was looking forward to it».

«This project is very good. However, it was very interesting for us».

«Thank you very much for organizing this project. I’ve already come here for the second time. Thanks to all those who spoke and to the teachers».

The meetings of the second stream are being implemented now. You can apply for participation by following the link:

You can view the schedule by following the link:

The project «Culture of Russian Sign Language» is being implemented within the framework of the NGO grant competition in the social sphere «Moscow is a good City» with the support of the Moscow Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population.