To hear and see music in a new way: the events of the project «Concert in the dark. Inclusion» took place in St. Petersburg

Music, invisible artists and the complete absence of light — the team of the Moscow inclusive creative project «Concert in the Dark. Inclusion» with the support of the St. Petersburg Committee for Culture presented five unique concert programs in the city for the first time. Project partners: St. Petersburg House of Folk Art and the Institute of Cultural Programs.

Anton Alexandrov, Deputy Chairman of the Culture Committee, noted that «culture is equally important to all people, and for this the Committee is doing a lot of work to ensure that St. Petersburg is an inclusive and accessible city not only in the field of sports and science, but also culture. The project „Concert in the Dark. Inclusion“ is an opportunity for creative self-realization, adaptation and socialization of blind people».

Natalia Krel, head of the Union of All-Russian and leading organizations of the disabled «AbiArt», organizer of International inclusive creative Games, notes that «Сoncert is in the dark. Inclusion» generates a new system of human relations in which the world is not divided into people with and without disabilities": «We are learning to live together in a single space. And a huge place in it belongs to the music that we feel with our soul, alive. This is very, very important».

More than 400 residents of St. Petersburg attended the concert programs.

The final cycle of concert programs of the project «Concert in the dark. Inclusion» will be implemented in April 2024 in the city of Tula with the support of the Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives.

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