From the 24th of September the participants of the Program «ACT WITHOUT OBSTACLES 2021» start their classes at the school of social projecting. They will work in a team at the Integratsia state museum and cultural center and then continue working at Moscow Metropolitan Governance University. When graduated, the Program participants present their own projects for solving socially significant problems in the capital.

The classes are planned from the 24th of September up to the 3rd of October. The first stage of work will take place at the building of the Integratsia state museum and cultural center. Under the surveillance of coaches and administrators the Program participants will work out the concepts of projects. Anatoly Popko will be a top moderator as a specialist in the area of availability for people with visual disabilities, the expert of «Special bank» of PJSC Sberbank of Russia.

The second stage of work will be at Moscow Metropolitan Governance University. The special intensive course of social projecting has been created for the program participants. It includes the study of the mechanism for the implementation of projects, performance assessment and other necessary topics for work. After completing training program participants will learn how to translate their ideas into full-fledged projects and will obtain theoretical knowledge in the field of social projecting. As a result of the course each participant will get the state certificate.

The Program «ACT WITHOUT OBSTACLES 2021» was started in April of 2021. It is aimed at development of competencies for people with visual disabilities to solve socially significant problems in the capital. The organizers of the Program are Moscow Department of All Russia Association of the Blind (VOS) with the support of the Moscow Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population.

At the first stage of the Program, participants were selected for the school of social projecting. The participants have been chosen by such criteria as the personal experience of visually disabled people with the urban environment, also their professional and communication skills.

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