The Center for Socio-Cultural Programs «People IN» won the Competition of the Presidential Grants Fund for the Development of Civil Society in 2023.

The Third International Inclusive Creative Games will be held in Lipetsk in 2023. The team of our socio-cultural project «People In» will provide high-quality training of organizers, volunteers and specialists of organizations that ensure the implementation of the event, for comfortable interaction with people with disabilities.

The project will significantly increase the level of inclusive competence of specialists of social institutions and volunteers of the Lipetsk region, as well as create a new level of opportunities for the development of an inclusive environment for all residents of the region.

The team of the socio-cultural project «People In» will tell the participants in simple and accessible language about the principles of building comfortable communication and interaction with people with disabilities.

The objectives of the project also include the search, selection and training of coaches with disabilities from the Lipetsk region.

Our goal is to form a culture of communication with people with disabilities that allows us to overcome relational and communication barriers.