The Moscow Institute of Educational Practices invites you to an additional professional training program «Provision of services for people with disabilities in cultural institutions» (36 hours).

The program has been prepared me is being implemented in cooperation with partners:

  • The Integratsia state museum and cultural center named after N. A. Ostrovsky;
  • The center for social-cultural programs «People IN»;
  • Center for the Study of the Problems of the Disabled «Society for All»;
  • Theater of deaf actors «Nedoslov».

The program will cover the main aspects of working with people with disabilities, regulatory documents, as well as motivation, psychological and pedagogical aspects of this target audience, inclusion.

The program will be held from April 6 to 15, 2022 (April 6−8 — distance learning, April 12−15 — full-time training in Moscow).

At the end of the training, a certificate of advanced level of qualification is issued.

Cost for 1 person: 18 500,00 rubles.

Contacts of the training organizers:, tel.: 8 (991)715−88−57