Volunteer Center «PEOPLE IN»

Volunteer Center «People In» is a partnership of the Nikolay Ostrovsky State Museum — Cultural Center «Integration» and the Autonomous Non-profit organization Center for Socio-Cultural Programs «People In» aimed to support projects, programs and activities for the socio-cultural integration of people with disabilities implemented by institutions and public organizations in the cultural field.

Nowadays more and more museums are becoming accessible to people with disabilities, and there is a growing understanding of the need to organize work with such visitors. Often, while organizing such activities, museum staff need the assistance of volunteers, but do not know how to invite them, ensure interaction with them, integrate them into their events. Volunteer Center «People In» is willing to provide guidance, help in solving related issues, and organize volunteer support for events.

Modern culture is extremely heterogeneous, so cultural volunteers can perform a huge variety of tasks in various projects, programs and events for people with disabilities. Cultural volunteers, cultural workers, and visitors with disabilities can create an inclusive environment together, communicating in the same language and being a part of the same community.

Volunteer Center «People In» invites caring people who want to help people with disabilities and make a fair share in improving inclusive culture! If you are a cultural volunteer or you want to become one or want to join our Volunteer Center «People In» or take part in our events

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If you are a museum or a public organization that implements events for people with disabilities in the field of culture and you need support of cultural volunteers

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