Project «People In»

The «People In» Project is a sociocultural program that creates an inclusive environment and overcomes attitudinal, communication and organizational barriers in the formation of communication between people.

The project team, consisting of people with disabilities, simply explains the participants without disabilities about disability, the principles of building comfortable communication and interactions.

Participants of the «People In» Project get the opportunity to learn the basic rules for communicating with people with disabilities, receive practical recommendations for situational interaction and organization of events with the participation of people with disabilities.

The project is interactive.

Participants do not sit and record under dictation, but become actors.

Everyone who is somehow familiar with the project confidently confirms: «People In» is something special, different from everything that we have met before.

The project is useful for professionals working in different industries, as well as for everyone who interacts with people with disabilities in everyday life.

Each time the project programs are adapted to the needs of a specific group.

The idea of creating the «People In» Project belongs to the creative team of the Center for Sociocultural Programs «Integratsia».

After the completion of the institution’s activities, the «People In» Project continues its independent work and development.

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The major partner the project is The State Museum — Cultural Center «Integratsia» named after Nikoly Ostrovskiy